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Testosterone is a steroid hormone from the androgen group. In mammals, testosterone is primarily secreted in the testes of males and the ovaries of females, although small amounts are also secreted by the adrenal glands. It is the principal male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid. In both men and women, testosterone plays a key role in health and well-being as well as in sexual functioning. Examples include enhanced libido, increased energy, increased production of red blood cells and protection against osteoporosis. On average, an adult human male body produces about forty to sixty times more testosterone than an adult female body, but females are more sensitive to the hormone. However the overall ranges for male and female are very wide, such that the ranges actually overlap at the low end and high end respectively. Like other steroid hormones, testosterone is derived from cholesterol.

The largest amounts of testosterone are produced by the testes in men. It is also synthesized in far smaller quantities in women by the thecal cells of the ovaries, by the placenta, as well as by the zona reticularis of the adrenal cortex in both sexes. In the testes, testosterone is produced by the Leydig cells. The male generative glands also contain Sertoli cells which require testosterone for spermatogenesis. Like most hormones, testosterone is supplied to target tissues in the blood where much of it is transported bound to a specific plasma protein, sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).

As testosterone affects the entire body (often by enlarging; men have bigger hearts, lungs, liver, etc.), the brain is also affected by this "sexual" advancement; the enzyme aromatase converts testosterone into estradiol that is responsible for masculinization of the brain in a male fetus. There are some differences in a male and female brain (the result of different testosterone levels). A clear difference is the size: the male human brain is, on average, larger; however, in females (who generally do not have as high testosterone levels) the corpus callosum is proportionally larger. This means that the effect of testosterone is a greater overall brain volume, but a decreased connection between the hemispheres. A study conducted in 1996 found no effects on mood or behavior from the administration of supraphysiologic doses of Testosterone for 10 weeks to healthy men. The literature suggests that attention, memory, and spatial ability are key cognitive functions affected by testosterone in humans, though the literature is rather sparse. Preliminary evidence suggests that low testosterone levels may be a risk factor for cognitive decline and possibly for dementia of the Alzheimer’s type, a key argument in Life Extension Medicine for the use of testosterone in anti-aging therapies. Much of the literature, however, suggests a curvilinear or even quadratic relationship between spatial performance and circulating testosterone, where both hypo- and hypersecretion of circulating androgens have negative effects on cognition and cognitively-modulated aggressivity, as detailed above.

Contrary to what has been postulated in outdated studies and by certain sections of the media, aggressive behaviour is not typically seen in hypogonadal men who have their testosterone replaced adequately to the eugonadal/normal range. In fact aggressive behaviour has been associated with hypogonadism and low testosterone levels and it would seem as though supraphysiological and low levels of testosterone and hypogonadism cause mood disorders and aggressive behaviour, with eugondal/normal testosterone levels being important for mental well-being. Testosterone depletion is a normal consequence of aging in men.

Cause and effect of low testosterone

When the levels of these androgenic hormones decrease, the quality of life of the person will be compromised in the following ways: decrease in sex drive, shrinking of the testicles, a person could become impotent, mood swings and depressions, weakening of the bones, problems with the sexual organs, premature balding and increase in fat deposits.

Remedy for decreased testosterone levels

There are several ways in which a person can be able to increase their level of testosterone in his body. They could either go the natural way whereby they take supplements that will stimulate the testis to produce more testosterone. The other method is by the use of synthetic testosterone. The first method is considered to be healthier since it is natural and therefore there is very little possibilities of having side effects when using this method.

Although many of these testosterone boosters come with side effects some people may not experience even one of them. The natural testosterone boosters are also referred to by some people as prescription methods. The use of trans-dermal system to increase the levels of testosterone is regarded highly by many physicians. You can use trans-dermal patches that are applied on the skin to increase the levels of testosterone.

Another quite common trans-dermal way of increasing testosterone is by using testosterone cream. You are supposed to apply testosterone cream once every 24 hours so it increases the amount of testosterone in the blood stream. Testosterone creams should be spread on the shoulders, thighs, upper arms, and stomach area and should be used for eight weeks before taking a break.

Another trans-dermal way of increasing testosterone is by using testosterone gel. Testosterone gels are applied on the upper arm and abdomen but first you need to ensure that the skin is very dry. However testosterone gels usually lead to irritation of the skin unlike testosterone creams.

Testosterone creams have minor side effects if not used properly or according to prescription. These side effects include; headaches and dizziness, skin irritations, high blood pressure as a result of fluid retention, stomach disorders such as indigestions, prostate problems, depression and anxiety.

For the best testosterone cream you should make your research and compare all the suppliers you may find. Many of them are specialized in manufacturing testosterone creams, which are really effective in treating men problems by increasing their libido, sexual performance and virility.

Advantages of high testosterone levels

When the testosterone levels are high a person he is able to live his life to the fullest since he has a lot of energy. Men with high levels of testosterone are able to enjoy sex even more. If you are a bodybuilder with high levels of testosterone your body will be able to achieve fast mass gain by just eating the right food and a proper training. These hormones are able to put you on a better state of mind.



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