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Welcome to SYNERGY REJUVENATION CENTER, We are privileged to witness the dawn of a new medical specialties . Hormone replacement therapy, as a medical specialty offers the opportunity to increase health and longevity.

Synergy Rejuvenation Center and Medical Spa primary focus is on preventive medicine as a means of reducing the effects of premature aging. Synergy Rejuvenation specialist are experienced in Natural (Naturapathic) Medicine, Bio-identical Hormone Therapy, Fitness, Nutrition and Weight Loss.

We offer Lab test to determine hormone deficiencies, Food Intolerace and Chemical Sensitities. Other treatment include HGH and TESTOSTERONE therapy for men and women 30 years of age who suffer from (Adult Growth Hormne Deficiency) AGHD, Menopause in women and Andropause in men.

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Aesthetic Medicine

Synergy Body Contour

Spider Vein Treatment

Food Intolerance

Chemical Sensitivity

Metabolic Profile

Mens Hormone Panel

Womens Hormone Panel


Hormone Therapy Programs

Human Growth Hormone


Adult Hormone Deficiency



Immune Enhmancement

Vitamin C Infusion

Glutathione Infusion

Amino Acid Drip

Plaque X Therapy


Deep Tissue Massage

Neck and Scalp Treatment

Cellulite Massage

Hand Treatments

Foot Reflexology

Swedish Massage Therapy

Wellness Programs

Heart Health

Men’s Health

Woman’s Health

Sports Performance

HCG Diet

Metabolic Detox

Paracetic Detox

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